Turn around time and Collection/Delivery

  • P&A Dental Lab offers a free pickup and delivery service in local areas, please email/call for availability.

  • You will not be charged for standard first/second class business post.

  • Turn around time: 7 working days (all NHS cases), 7 working days ( private 7), 5 working days (private 5) please do not include collection & delivery days.

  • In cases where an appliance is not made to a satisfactory level, it should be returned to the Laboratory immediately otherwise a full charge will apply.



Cross Infection

  • As per GDC and BDA Good Practice guidelines, all impressions must be free from blood, disinfected and all cotton pad removed before sending.

  • Should we receive a case which we believe not to have been disinfected, we will contact the dentist, and possibly return the case unfinished.

  • Dockets must be placed outside the bag containing the impressions and stapled above the seal line to avoid leakage of disinfectant. We reserve the right to return unfinished cases with a wet docket since it constitutes a health and safety hazard for our staff.

  • Restorations/appliances returned by P&A Dental Lab are NOT-sterile.



General work and Remakes

  • All work is completed to instructions written on the docket.

  • All cases are guaranteed to fit the model based on the impression provided.

  • We will request a new impression in cases where the original impression contains false and/or inaccurate information. If the prescribing dentist requests to continue with the original impression, any subsequent remakes will be charged for.

  • When a remake is required, if the remake instructions and/or preparation differ from the original, it will be treated as a new case and both cases will be charged.

  • When sending a case back for alterations or to be remade, please send back the original impressions, models and restoration as well as new impressions if required. Failure to do so will result in the case being treated as a new case, and both will be charged for.

  • Should a finished case not reflect the given instructions, we will adjust or remake the case free of charge

  • Remake cases will be charged if restorations fit the original model, but not the remake impression.

  • Completed cases will be subject to a full charge regardless of despatch status.

  • We are not liable for loss of surgery time due to remakes and/or returns.

  • The dentist takes full responsibility for prescribing the correct material/alloys in accordance with their regional regulations.




  • All dental products created at P&A Dental Lab carry a full guarantee. This guarantee is your assurance that quality materials have been used during the manufacturing process and that our carefully designed production process has been followed.

  • NHS Crown & Bridge (1 year), Private Crown & Bridge (5 years), other appliances (3 months).

  • If within the guarantee period the product proves defective in circumstances of normal use, a replacement will be provided free of charge to the original instructions, any corresponding dental treatment is not covered by this guarantee.

  • This guarantee will only be applied post evaluation of the defective device.

  • The guarantee does not cover any defect arising from incorrect prescription or fitting.

  • The guarantee becomes null and void if patient does not receive their annual dental check-up or in case of restoration failure due to oral health problems. No guarantee can be given on products replacing immediate extractions.

  • Damage caused by physical trauma or impact (for instance due to high risk sports) is specifically excluded from our product guarantees. We reserve the right to refuse a guarantee where we believe that the requested product may not last the guarantee period due to its particular circumstances.


Payment Terms

  • Invoices must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.

  • Any account which enters over 1 month in arrears may be suspended until full payment is made.

  • If overdue amounts are not paid after the issued reminders you may be passed onto our debt collection agents, with any corresponding charges added to the overdue amount.