P&A Dental Lab Composite Inlay

Composite restoration for NHS & Private Inlay, Onlay, Crown and Veneer.

Full Metal

P&A Dental Lab Metal Crown

Full Metal restoration for NHS & Private Inlay, Onlay, Crown and Bridge.

Non Precious - Silver colour CoCr

Precious - 40% & 60% Au

NHS Zirconia

P&A Dental Lab Zirconia

NHS Zirconia restoration for NHS Crown. 16 Vita shades uniblock, glaze only. 

Zirconia Full Contour 

P&A Dental Lab Zirconia

Zirconia Full Contour restoration for Private Inlay, Onlay, Crown and Bridge. Strong material, perfect for posterior restoration, stain and glaze. 

Zirconia Multilayer

P&A Dental Lab Zirconia

Zirconia Multilayer restoration for Private Inlay, Onlay, Crown and Veneer. Strong material milled from multilayered disc with some translucency, stain and glaze.

Zirconia with Porcelain

P&A Dental Lab Porcelain

Zirconia with Porcelain Overlay restoration for Private Inlay, Onlay, Crown and Bridge. Very aesthetic. 


Dental Laboratory

E.max restoration for Private Inlay, Onlay, Crown, Veneer and Bridge. Very aesthetic with natural looking translucency.

Night Guard (Soft)

P&A Dental Lab Night Guard

Night Guard (Hard/Soft)

P&A Dental Lab Night Guard Hard and Soft

Bleaching Tray

P&A Dental Lab Bleaching Tray

Essix Retainer

P&A Dental Lab Essix retainer

Hard Splint

P&A Dental Lab Hard Splint

Sports Guard

P&A Dental Lab Sports Guard
P&A Dental Lab Sports Guard

Sports Guard Colour Guide

Sports mouth guards, also known as gum shields, are an essential piece of protection equipment in any contact sport. Correctly fitted and custom moulded gum shields that contour your teeth, make wearing gum shields both comfortable, highly effective and less likely to fall out during sport.


Please refer to the colour chart to choose from:

  • clear

  • colour

  • stripes

  • marbles

  • patterns/flags

P&A Dental Lab Sports Guard colourchart